Saturday, December 13, 2008

Keeping Your Head While Sharing Your Heart

Who doesn't love a beautiful wedding? (OK, my husband doesn't count). For most of us, when we think of weddings our minds go to thoughts of romance, beauty, joy and celebration. And for good reason, that's what weddings are suppose to be. But too often most newly engaged couples face wedding planning with a cold sweat. It can be full of tension, and worry.
As a wedding planner I can say the reason for the tension often comes down to two things:  not establishing your priorities, and lack of organization. This blog is dedicated to helping those planning a wedding to think through priorities, plan smart, get creative, and keep the peace. It is also my desire to make this a place for sharing frugal tips, especially those found in the Denver metro area. Let me know what you have found, and I'll pass on the good news!

Oh, and I hope we have some fun along the way. Anyone want to share a good wedding disaster story?

(Curious about the photo at top? It's my fantastic family. My handsome husband, seven children, and my new daughter-in-law. Call me crazy, but they're the reason I can plan a wedding without getting uptight. Good training!)