Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Creative Venues

When I hear the prices that are being paid to use event venues I cringe. Really cringe. Is it really necessary to spend that kind of money to have a memorable wedding? 

I don't think so. But what are the options? 

Well... look for public spaces that don't cater to just weddings. Look for the local recreation centers, the churches, the rotary club hall. Really! I was at a wedding reception held in a rotary club. It was a lovely old building and the reception was very sweet. This photo is at my friends Jordan and Elmaire's wedding at our local recreation center. Elmarie did a fantastic job creating a lovely decor in a simple space. And... since we live in Colorado, the views were fantastic (sorry to rub it in, but it's true)! 

We looked at a rec. center to have Joel and Gwen's wedding in Boulder. It too had a beautiful view. The plus is the cost. Much cheaper. The minus, you have to do more work. Most place don't provide linens, dishes etc. so you have to consider those costs into your total. 

However, in searching out options for another wedding we made a new discovery! Turns out, if you are a current student or alumni you can get deals when renting their event spaces. In our case, half off! Well worth looking into. 

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